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Written by Connie Winters   

Listen to the announcements for scholarship opportunities! Opportunities will also be posted to this page when possible!

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Welcome to the High School Guidance Office!

Written by Maria Maluchnik   

Here you will find useful links and information regarding important dates, course selections, career planning and college preparation. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to get all of the important information we have to share with you! If you have any questions, please call us at 419-855-7741.

Maria Maluchnik L.P.S.C. | Counselor | Extension 21102
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Joan Nelson | Guidance and Records Secretary |  Extension 21103
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Are you thinking about becoming a Genoa Comet?

See the items below for important information and forms for enrolling a student.

Required Documents

Registration Packet

Important Dates for the 2013-14 School Year

September 21:  ACT  (register at:  www.actstudent.org/start)
October 16: PSAT for Registered Juniors
October 23: Penta Representatives present to Sophomores and Freshman
October 26:  ACT  (register at: www.actstudent.org/start)

October 28 – November 1: Ohio Graduation Tests for Upperclassmen

November 7: "Explore Penta Day" field trip for all Sophomores

December 4: Financial Aid Meeting – 7:00 p.m. in HS Cafeteria
December 14:  ACT  (register at:  www.actstudent.org/start)
January TBD: Meeting for Parents of Eighth Graders – 7:00 p.m. in HS Auditorium
February TBD: Post Secondary Options Meeting (For eligible students only) - 7:00 p.m.  HS Auditorium
February 8:  ACT  (register at:  www.actstudent.org/start)
February 9: “College Goal Sunday” … for more info., go to www.ohiocollegegoalsunday.org

March 10 - 14: Ohio Graduation Tests for ALL Sophomores
March 12: “College Preview Night” for Juniors – 6:30 p.m. at Owens Community College
March 14: Deadline to register for AP Testing - Download and print registration form: AP TEST REG FORM

April 12:  ACT  (register at:  www.actstudent.org/start)
May TBD:  Honor’s Banquet (For eligible students) – 6:30 p.m. HS
May 25: Graduation Ceremony -Class of 2014 – 2:00 p.m. HS Gymnasium
June 14:  ACT  (register at:  www.actstudent.org/start)


Guidance and Post Secondary

Year by Year
The Guidance Counselor is the student's main resource each year for academic planning, scheduling, and for accessing academic support. The classroom teacher is the main resource for content support and should be viewed a primary resource for extra help (note: the classroom teacher also makes the official recommendation of course level for the following year). The Guidance Counselor will help the student track his/her progress toward academic goals and towards meeting all graduation requirements. Each student is encouraged to meet with his/her Guidance Counselor around academic issues and the  Guidance Counselor will reach out to students on a programmatic and as needed basis.


Programmatically, here is a year-by-year breakdown:


Freshman Year
In grade 9 the Guidance Counselor will meet with students in two classroom style or entire group seminars - one in fall and the other after Christmas break.  The topics covered in the orientation seminars are: Transition to the High School - Study Skills and Course Selection.

Sophomore Year

In grade 10 the Guidance Counselor meets with students in the classroom setting to administer a Career Interest Inventory. The Guidance Counselor continues to track progress during sophomore year and meet individually with students on an as needed basis.  Additionally, the counselor will go over the option of PENTA with all sophomores when a representative from PENTA visits for a whole group seminar followed by a class visit to the PENTA campus.

The Guidance Counselor also send a newsletter to all families to remind them of standardized testing options, ways to get involved in the high school, and opportunities beyond the school day.


Junior and Senior Years and the Postsecondary Planning


The Guidance Counselor is the main school resource for a student's postsecondary planning. Although the bulk of the postsecondary planning commences with a comprehensive program in the Spring of Junior year, there are other aspects, which occur as early as grade 9.

Junior Year

In grade 11 the Guidance Counselor will meet with all students in small groups in February to start the postsecondary planning process. Subsequently, the Guidance Counselor will have  meetings with students prior to the close of junior year on an as needed basis.  Additionally, the counselor works with Owens Community College to host "COLLEGE PREVIEW NIGHT" which is held at Owens on March 12th.  Information about this event will be mailed home.
During the SPRING of the Junior year - students should take their ACT test for college.  See the ACT information below.

Senior Year

In grade 12 the Guidance Counselor meets with all students in small groups in September to continue the postsecondary planning process.  This planning is done in conjunction with the Senior Composition teacher and the unit on college and scholarship application essay writing.  Additionally, the Guidance Counselor will run a credit audit of each student's transcript to ensure they are all set to meet graduation requirements.  The counselor will be available as needed for students in the fall to track their progress and to help them submit applications. In December, the Guidance Counselor also organizes "FINANCIAL AID NIGHT" a parent/student evening where a college official gives an informational presentation regarding ways to finance college to and answer questions from the parents. The Guidance Counselor also coordinates visits from many college admissions officers to the high school in the fall. 



What is the ACT?
A standardized exam that measures your knowledge and skills in English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. It also measures your educational development (abilities) and identifies academic strengths and weaknesses. ALL COLLEGE-BOUND STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE ACT AT LEAST ONCE BY THE FALL OF THEIR SENIOR YEAR. For specific information on the ACT, including testing dates, registration, and practice testing, visit www.actstudent.org. To register you will need GHS Code: 362285


COURSE REGISTRATION & CURRICULUM GUIDE - Lists classes offered at GHS, graduation requirements, honor's diploma requirements, and much more. Click here to read the 2012-2013 Curriculum Guide.

Scheduling Forms and Info:

Freshman Scheduling Parent Night - Presentation 3/7/12

Freshman Course Request Form 2014-15


Sophomore Course Request Form 2014-15

Junior Course Request Form 2014-15

Senior Course Request From 2014-15


Click here to view and print the Financial Aid Power Point Presentation Document that was presented by Betsy Johnson, Director of Financial Aid at Owens Community College, on December 7th, 2012.


STUDENT EDGE is a FANTASTIC online program that is provided by GHS.  This tool provides FREE, PERSONALIZED college planning, interest inventories, OGT and ACT prep courses, etc.  Students can register and use this wonderful tool by going to www.mystudentedge.com.  They will need the Access Code: TJVTWRMT


Do you need a transcript of your academic record? Click here to download our transcript request form.
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