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FY18-19 Biennial Budget Bill

Governor Kasich’s biennial budget for FY 2018-19 has been introduced as House Bill 49.  Initial funding simulations provided by the Governor's office estimates a REDUCTION in funding for our district of just over $288,000 in FY18 and again in FY19 compared to current FY17 State funding levels.   Much of the finite details behind the significant financial reductions have not been provided, however, the main overall reasons that have been initially provided for the funding reduction are as follows:  

1.  Reduction of district student enrollment from FY11 to FY16.
2.  Recent local property value increases are set to reduce the percent of funding provided by the State within the State funding formula which affects            the calculation of overall funding. 
3.  The State is proposing a reduction in their funding of the cost of student transportation.  Currently, the State funds (reimburses) 50% of transportation      costs. This is set to be reduced to 37.5% in FY18 then to 27% in FY19.   

Initial analysis of the budget bill shows that 388 of 609 Ohio public school districts are set to have their funding reduced over the two-year budget which includes approximately 83% of the districts that are considered rural, low wealth districts. (Genoa Schools is considered rural/low wealth)

During the budget process, the House of Representatives and then the Senate will make changes to this initial budget proposal, and updated projections reflecting those changes will become available throughout the process.  Updates pertaining to our district will be provided as they become known/available. 

San-Ott Insurance Consortium meetings

San-Ott Insurance Consortium meetings are scheduled to be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at Vanguard Vocational School administrative offices, 1306 Cedar Street, Fremont Ohio 43420.

A public hearing on the fiscal year 2018 Special Education Part B-IDEA Federal grant funding will be held at 5:45 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday July 18, 2017 prior to the regular monthly board meeting.  At the hearing information on the annual special education budget will be made available for discussion and comments from the general public will be allowed.  

History of Charter/Community School Cost