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High School Musical

Congratulations to the following elementary/middle school students who were selected through audition (and rehearsal availability) to participate in this spring's HS Musical, The Little Mermaid.  We had nearly 50 students attend Monday's audition (Awesome!).  Music and rehearsal schedules will be available early next week!

Russell Canter, Taylor Costley, Cole Crofts, Cora Edens, Lyla Edens, Maci Gregory, Lynde Hartman, Lori Heninger, Clare Huss, Mya Jerew, Maizy Johnson, Lauren Liwo, Lydia Liwo, Madilynn Mahler, Avery Maluchnik, Addie Myers, Ben Myers, Rowyn Myers, Sam Myers, Mya Rethman, Stella Rethman, Mia Robinson, Lyla Sprague, Tatum Szych, Makenna Watson, Abby Widmer, Caleb Widmer