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Support Genoa Music with Script

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View the script calendar here to know when orders are due and when they are delivered.

Scrip Specials for November:

Applebee's  2% bonus  11/10 - 12/22
Kmart & Sears  2% bonus  11/10 - 12/7
Hallmark  2% bonus  11/3 - 11/23
JoAnn Fabrics  2% bonus  11/3 - 11/16
L.L. Bean  2% bonus  11/3 - 11/16
Meijer  1% bonus  11/3 - 11/30
Red Robin  2% bonus  11/3 - 12/28
Wet Seal  2% bonus  10/13 - 12/28

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Elementary General Music

Written by Stacey Depner   

Congratulations to all of the Genoa students that participated in our spring concerts.  You all did a fantastic job.  Have a musical summer.

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What's happening in the Elementary music room?!!!!

Written by Stacey Depner   


Here are a few apps that we have found to be fun, as well as educational, during our BYOD unit.  Enjoy


Z-Board - powered by Unity

Gogo Xylophone - by Barrett productions

Music Lab - the one with the lion playing a banjo as an icon

Noteworks Free - by Azati

Smartmusic - by Make Music

Real Guitar - ?

Magic Piano - by Smule

Magic Guitar - by Smule

The Voice - by Starmaker

Kindle Apps

Free Piano

Music Tales

Learn Piano - Pianist

Clean Electric Guitar

Garage Band

Classic Drums





www.philtulga.com (go to activities science/math)



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