How to set up your Honeywell account

General information about Honeywell can be found at as well as some helpful tips below.

Parent Use Interface

Minimum Requirements

Register and create your account

1. Go to the Honeywell Instant Alert for Schools website at

2. If you are not a staff member in the school, click on ‘Parent’ in the New User box.

3. If you are a staff member in the school, you could instead click on ‘School Staff’ in the New User box.

4. Complete the student information form.

Click ‘Submit.’

5. Complete the corresponding screen.

Click ‘Submit.’

6. After receiving the Confirmation message, click ‘Proceed’ to get started with Instant Alert.

Note: Remember your Login Name and Password so you may use it to update your profile.
View and check details about yourself and your family members

1. Upon successful login, click on ‘My Family.’

2. Click on a parent name to view and edit parent details.

3. Click on a student name to view details about your children enrolled in this school.
Configure alert settings for yourself

1. Click on ‘Alert Setup.’

2. Click on the check boxes to select which alert type you would like to have sent to which device. Click on‘Save’ when complete.

3. If you would like to add another contact device, select the device type and enter the device details. Select the person to whom the device belongs and click on ‘Add.’

4. You are also able to set the days and times you would like your phones to receive alerts. For example, if you want your work phone to receive alerts only during the workdays, you could set the weekday start time to 8:00 am and the weekday end time to 5:00 pm and then un-check the weekend box. Or, if you did not want your cell phone to receive alerts while you were sleeping, you could set the weekday start time to 6:00 am and the weekday end time to 10:00 pm and the weekend start time to 8:00 am and the weekend end time to 11:00 pm. You have the flexibility and control to set up your phones in many different ways.

5. For e-mail, text messaging and pagers you may send yourself a test message. Click on ‘Send Test Message’ to send yourself a message.