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Mrs. Mies's Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Take a look at our Weekly Newsletter to see if there is any new information.  The newsletter contains a note to parents, any special information, dates of events, and what we are learning in each subject.






  • Make sure you are studying your spelling words a few times during the week!
  • Spelling words go home each Monday, tests are on Friday!
  • www.spellingcity.com is a great site to use to study!


  • We will have a reading story each week.
  • Students will take reading books home on Wednesday nights to reread story.  Bring back reading books on Friday for the test.  All reading tests are open book so they get use to looking back for answers!


  • We will do a lesson a day in math and have math homework to review the skill.
  • If you took a math book home, use that to help study for tests.

Science and Social Studies:

  • We do a unit of social studies, then a unit of science.  We do not do these two subjects at the same time.
  • There are many reviews for the tests on our website.
  • See the newsletter for upcoming tests.
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