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Scholarship Foundation

As we give, we invest in the gift of FOREVER!

2016 recipients

2015 Scholarship Award Winners

Genoa Area Local Schools

Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

2017 Scholarship Application - (*Fill out the form online and print - PDF enabled browser required)

Contact us at or 419-855-7741 ext. 21100

Who Are We?

Twenty-five years after the Genoa Area Local Schools Scholarship Foundation was founded, they have changed from being Genoa’s “Best Kept Secret” to having over $634,000 in assets to assist our students in furthering their education.  Their growth continues!   

The Genoa Area Local Schools Scholarship Foundation, Inc. offers scholarships to students of the Genoa Area Local Schools.  This Foundation was organized by a local group of interested citizens on January 7, 1991, and has held a tax-free status with the IRS since March 2, 1994. 

 In 2016 a total of 60 scholarships were awarded to forty-four (44) seniors through the Foundation.  There are currently thirty-six (36) individual scholarship funds that offered fifty (50) scholarships in 2016. A total of ten (10) additional scholarships were given by various local businesses and organizations in conjunction with the Foundation, including one four-year renewable scholarship first awarded in 2004 (The Dehn Sisters Memorial Scholarship Trust).  Over the past five years, the Foundation has distributed 282 scholarships. The various scholarship funds in the Foundation total over $634,000 and continue to grow.  

 These scholarships are presented annually at the high school’s Honors Award Program in the Spring.      

 Where Do the Funds Come From?

Contributions to the various scholarship funds can be made through gifts, honorariums, memorials, wills, etc. Gifts of money or stock may be designated to create a new scholarship or to the principal of an existing scholarship fund.  Many graduating classes, along with the alumni reunions, have considered these an important endeavor and have given remaining monies to a scholarship fund.

 How Does It Work?

Ø  Contributor sends contribution (see Contribution Form below).

Ø  Foundation sends confirmation letter to contributor for tax purposes. (Consult your tax advisor for any tax related issues).

Ø  Gift of $100 or more (for an individual/couple) or $500 or more (for an organization/corporation) may be listed on a plaque at the auditorium entrance in high school.  

Ø  All fund balances continue to grow.  As funds mature they could provide more than one scholarship.

Ø  Foundation policy is to give 80% of the annual interest to selected students for scholarships (remaining 20% reinvested in fund).

Ø  Each individual scholarship fund has a documented agreement including a section on how winners are chosen.

Ø  Employer Matching Funds Program is available based on employer’s participation.

Ø  If you would like additional information, please contact us at; call 419-855-7741, Extension 21100; or contact a Trustee.

Ø  Students interested in information on scholarships offered through this program should contact their school counselor.


No gift is too small!


To Make a Contribution


Make checks payable to:   Genoa Area Local Schools Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Send contributions to:

Attn:  Jean Holcombe                                                 Date: _____________________


            P. O. Box 98                               $25          $50          $100          $500 

            Genoa, Ohio  43430                                     Other Amount    $____________                       

Name of Contributor: _________________________Phone:__________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________ State: _____________ Zip: __________


In Honor/Memory of:__________________________________________________

    (Circle One)

Contributions dedicated to which scholarship fund: _______________________

All blank entries will be deposited in General Scholarship Fund.


$100/$500 Contributions Information: (See “How Does It Work?” in Brochure)

May we include your name on the plaque? Yes  No   Name:___________________


May we include your name in future communications, i.e. Comet Communicator, local newspapers, etc.?    Yes     No


If you are interested in setting up a new fund, please contact one of the Trustees.


Current Scholarship Funds

2016 Scholarship Recipients



Recipient Name

Allen-Clay Joint Fire District Firefighter Associations Scholarship

Haley Gerke

Allen-Clay Joint Fire District Firefighter Associations Scholarship

Maddison Guthrie

Helen Asmus Memorial Scholarship

Carly Gose

Helen Asmus Memorial Scholarship

Mary McGhee

Helen Asmus Memorial Scholarship

Brock Metcalf

Helen Asmus Memorial Scholarship

Jeffrey Mullins

Helen Asmus Memorial Scholarship

Nathan Reineck

Stella Bertz Scholarship

Jenna Elliott

Doris Brossia Memorial Scholarship

Jarod Brossia

Clay-Genoa High School Reunion Scholarship

Haley Crawford


Curtice Kidz/Allen Township Scholarship

Kirk Kauder

Envirosafe Scholarship

Justin McCormick

Timothy J. Fisher/Briana Bertok-Schack Memorial Science Scholarship

Olivia Reno

Timothy J. Fisher/Briana Bertok-Schack Memorial Science Scholarship

Lauren Vizi

Bruce and Alyssa Gackstetter Memorial Scholarship

Madison Coker

General Scholarship Fund

Genevieve Cornell

General Scholarship Fund

Destinee Dorner

Genoa Area Federation of Clubs –

Tomme Bergman Memorial Scholarship


Greg Jimerson

Genoa Area FFA Alumni Scholarship

Allison Bench

Genoa Area FFA Alumni Scholarship

Jarod Brossia

Genoa Area FFA Alumni Scholarship

Frederick Traver

Genoa Area FFA Alumni Scholarship

Nicolas Traver

Genoa Area Music Boosters Scholarship

Trevor Rhyans

Genoa Athletic Boosters Scholarship

Kaylee Buhrow

Genoa Athletic Boosters Scholarship

Jose Sanchez

Genoa Elementary Parent Teachers Organization (PTO) Scholarship

Emma Trainer

Genoa Golf Scholarship

Frederick Traver

Genoa Grange Scholarship

Allison Bench

Genoa Kiwanis Scholarship

Isaac Batty

Genoa Kiwanis Scholarship

Jordan Blausey

Genoa Kiwanis Scholarship

Jessica Iffland

Genoa National Honor Society Scholarship

Ezequiel Herrera

Genoa Wrestling Scholarship

Jose Sanchez

Lester M. Henningsen Scholarship

Hannah Simmons

Andrew Hirt Memorial Scholarship

Raymond Sidle

Ryan Kimball Memorial Scholarship

Dylan Witt

“Papa Joe” McLear Memorial Scholarship

Samantha Barrett

Edith C. Niehousmyer Scholarship

Caitlyn Shessler

Helen L. Niehousmyer Scholarship

Kaylee Buhrow

Curt Reinbolt Memorial Scholarship

Jessica Weaver

Carol Scharer Scholarship

Karley Metzger

John F. Schultz Memorial Scholarship

Frederick Traver

The Sheahan Family Scholarship

Kirk Kauder

The Sheahan Family Scholarship

Emma Trainer

Marcia Tank Education Scholarship

Katelyn McCallum

Marcia Tank Science/Engineering Scholarship

Allison Bench

Debra Sue Vine Memorial Scholarship

Andrew Drummond

Wagner/Sondergeld Memorial Scholarship

Regan Farrell

James Walton Scholarship                                   

Lauren Vizi

Frances M Weirich Memorial Scholarship

Isaac Batty



*Additional Local Scholarships


Clay Township Trustees

Anthony Reitzel

The Dehn Sisters Memorial Scholarship Trust

Caitlyn Shessler

First Federal Bank

Spencer Mullins

Genoa Area Education Association (GAEA) –

   David Miller Honorarium


Caitlyn Shessler

Genoa Area Education Association (GAEA)

Kaylee Buhrow


Noah Goetz


Austin Sims

Genoa Coterie Club

Lauren Vizi

Genoa Chamber of Commerce

Mitchell Claus

Genoa Chamber of Commerce

Spencer Mullins


* These organizations/trusts are affiliated with the Genoa Area Local Schools Scholarship Foundation, but their scholarships are not funded by the Foundation.


                                  2015 Scholarship Recipients

Claire Aldrich

Amanda Aman

Jacob Applegate

Tyler Baird

Brandon Bates

Crystal Bays

Jodi Bays

Jordan Brennan

Brian Bryant

Christyanne Dazley

Nicole Dominique

Kyle Edwards

John George

Noah Goodrich

Marcus Hunt

Amos Kauder

Bethanie Kolasinski

Natalie Kraemer

Joshua Mabus

Tyler Marquardt

Madison Mazur

Brittany McGeorge

Mackenzie Meeker

Holley Novotney

Gabriella Ortiz

Erin Robinson

Emma Rofkar

Holly Rowland

Kyle Rozek

Katherine Schwalbe

Jena Schwamberger

Madison Sheahan

Rikki Shoemaker

Joseph Stribrny

Nathan Szymanski

John Takas

Krista Taulker

Lea Theisen

Blake Traver

Hannah Verdugo

Alexandria Viola


2016 Operating Expense Contributors

Art Van Furniture - Genoa

Bauman Auto Group - Genoa

Cimarron Express Inc.

Ernest E. Cottrell, Jr. – Attorney-at-Law

Edward Jones, Larry Dean – Investment Representative

First Federal Bank


Genoa Elementary PTO

Genoa Family Eyecare

Genoa High School National Honor Society

Genoa High School Student Council

Genoa Medical Center

Genoa Retirement Village

Graymont Dolime (OH) Inc.

Guardian Industries, Millbury

Kiwanis Club of Genoa

Packer Creek Pottery

R&R Sales – Roger Leyerle

Rayz Café

Riverside Machine Automation

Robinson-Walker Funeral Home and Crematory – Genoa

The Shelly Company / Stoneco Inc.

Sprouse Agency, Inc. – Insurance

Terem Marketing/Terrie Jensen

Yackee Electrical Service

Genoa Area Local Schools

Scholarship Foundation, Inc.


Alan Brown

Diane Gerkensmeyer

Jean Holcombe

Denise Hoyles

Mitchell Hoyles

Kimberly Traver

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